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    Game Rules


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    Game Rules

    Post by Nyx on Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:38 pm


    Please remember that failure to follow and comply with these rules may result in banning.

    I know the least favorite part of any site. I promise you are almost done!

    Respect everyone, whether or not you like them.

    You are welcome to message NYX or the Moderators if you have a issue.

    There is a difference between out of character and in character, please keep the two seperate.

    Keep out of character arguments private, through email and instant messenger.

    You can only play your characters, meaning you can't play a moderator, or another players character.

    Power playing and god moding is not allowed without written permission from the player's involved.

    There is no word count. We know people have good days and bad ones. Though, we do ask that you have a little experience role playing or are willing to improve. You will not be turned away because of small amounts of experience, but might be if you act out about it.

    All permissions by NYX must be obtained in written form, either through email, or post on the OOC board. Phone calls are not forms of permission.

    Post Coming posts are not allowed. They will be deleted immediately.

    If a post has SECRET in the title, what happens in it is unknown to other's unless given permission through OOC boards.

    Over all, Tyran's rules focus on your abilities to be polite. You can't go wrong with a little common sense.

    The punishment is not fully listed, whatever discipline you are given is based on how serious the offense is.

    How many warnings you have may result in immediate banning. Or not, if you are willing to correct it.

    All text, images, and HTML that are created by Tyran are protected under copyright law. If you steal any of the above from our boards, please know that action will be handled according to the law. It is considered plagiarism, and it is illegal.

    Text, some images, characters, and HTML created by the players are copyrighted to them. You cannot take/use anyone's post, image, HTML, or character. For more information about copyright, visit www.whatiscopyright.org.

    All images are copyrighted to their original photographer. Tyran does not take any credit for these works. If the original photographer would like an image removed, please let us know and we will take care of it immediately.

    No prejudicial remarks (ie slander) will be allowed.

    2 real months is equal to 1 Tyran year.

    Your character must age with the calendar no slowing down, or speeding up aging without permission from NYX.

    Unless your character is immortal they will not live past the recommended age found under the board Species.

    If you are going away, you need to post on the Away/Quiting board stating that you will be away. Without this, your characters will continue to age, and RPG plots proceed.

    Now that we all know how to treat each other, its down to the nitty gritty of the Roleplay world. Promise I will make this as short and easy on you as possible.

    You can not join a character which is not a listed in the Species Referance Post.
    A character which is or was once an original, a god or a divine being.
    A character who is the child of or in any other way closely related to an original/divine/god/omnipotent being.
    A Shaman with a mythical, magical or extinct familiar.
    Extreme powers such as divinity, possession or hypnosis.
    As a quadruplet or higher multiple birth.
    As a character who is a twin or a triplet of an existing character.
    With the same name as another member, or as a character with the same name as another character.

    However, your character can have been anything before they come to Tyran. Want to bring over a character from your favourite horse RPG, or other RPG? Go for it. As long as you accept that you play a powerless character when you join here, it doesn't really matter much what that character's history is.

    Please note that unnatural hair, eye or skin colours (e.g. purple) are considered magical traits and are not allowed as a joining feature. Feel free to use hair dye, skin paint, tattoos or coloured contact lenses on ordinary tones though.


    We are in a world that does not consist of today's technology. So we do ask that when playing a character you consider this, and stay accurate to the mythical life styles of medevil times.

    Keep it clean. Swearing, sex references, violence and the like are permitted, but all players are required to put a warning in the subject line. Outright pornographic posts and animal sex posts are prohibited, if you want to go more explicit you are welcome to use the PM feature. These warnings should be polite and friendly; "if you don't like it, don't read it" is unnecessary and can be considered rude.

    In Tyran we do have powers, that you can inheret through quests, kingdom work, and breeding. The admin can take them away or refuse to give them out if they are not being used responsibly.

    Not all Shaman use familiars but familiars cannot exist without Shaman. If a familiar is killed the Shaman must learn a new trade, they will no longer be able to work their magic properly. Familiars age at the same rate as their Shaman and cannot die of old age unless their Shaman does. When a Shaman dies, so does their familiar.

    Deities do exist in this game, but you are not obliged to worship them. The religion is optional. It is a fact, however, that the Olympians created Tyran and are technically the "gods" of this realm.

    When the breeding season for your species is listed as open, you may post a mother and father, along with the names you desire for the baby under the "Forest Glade", and who is to play the character.

    It is allowed to play this out with in character posts. Though you MUST have the form provided filled out. Everything not included will be left to the dice for decission.

    Should you fail to give all stats or pick a name that is already chosen, you may end up with a defect/stillborn. You are not to request specific stats for the baby unless permission is already granted by the Administrator.

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