We are a Mythical RPG. Using HTML, and play by post style to bring you out of your world into ours. You can explore the realm of Fae, Dragons, Shifters, and Shamen.

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    General Information

    Post by Nyx on Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:35 pm


    This is your first step in becoming a member of the world of Tyran!

    A little bit about ourselves:
    As a brand new site, we are interested in anything you have to say, or suggest.
    If you have any questions feel free to private message the NYX.

    Interested in joining but not sure how to role play? This may help. You can browse through the rules, FAQ, and the out of character boards at your leasure.

    what is Tyran?
    Tyran is a Mythical play by post RPG where as the player; you can act out the lives of people you create. This is done through the message boards listed under "World". It's not an automated game, but one where writing is required.

    is it free?
    Yes, it is completely free to play Tyran.

    is there an age limit?
    No. We do like our members to have the maturity level of at least a high schooler. Example: willing to learn, friendly, able to figure out things by watching others and reading, etc.

    how do i join?
    Have we peaked your interest? Well we must if your still reading! Or at least I hope
    Well firstly, you want to create an account. Sounds simple enough right? You can edit the avatar to a photo you like. Have an out of character name (OOC), and then apply for charracters under our, easy enough to find, Labratory board. After we have accepted your character you will be allowed to post it.

    someone is breaking the rules.
    Don't take matters into your own hands. This is what the moderators are for. Nicely message one of them, telling them about the problem, and let them solve it.

    Other than that have fun and continue looking through the forum!

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